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April 19th Educational Luncheon

Posted on: April 1 2016 | Posted in: Past Events
April Educational Luncheon
Last month our speakers "fed" us with nutritional information for a healthy lifestyle and offered tools that equipped us to achieve optimal health!  Building a business can be a strain on our health and wellness.  While enjoying the view over lunch at the beautiful Southern Yacht Club, we learned the secrets to building our health while gaining a greater understanding of self-advocacy.
Dr. Lisa Pate, a Naturopathic Physician and nutritionist, Becky Cortez, explained the 10 Steps to a "Prescription for Success".  From nutrition and exercise to stress management and detoxification, we learned that our endocrine system must be optimized to carry us successfully through the pressures and changes of life.  To accomplish this we must understand the "triad" of our endocrine system: Adrenal, Thyroid, and Female and Male Sex Hormones.  Accurate testing of these 3 components is critical to achieving a successful balance. 
Our speakers left us wanting more information as time ran out before our audience questions did!  Our speakers did leave us with homemade organic chocolate protein bites from The Purple Seed Company and generously remained after the meeting to accommodate more questions and answers from the attendees.



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